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16 Things That Have Happened Since the Browns Last Won an Opener

It has now been sixteen years since the Browns last won a Week 1 game. Since that fateful day--September 12, 2004 (when the Brownies crushed the Ravens 20-3)--the world and its capital (Cleveland) have changed greatly. Here are some of the highlights from that 5,800+ day span:

1. Frank Jackson First Elected Mayor (2005)

2. Pronk Sets MLB Record for Most Grand Slams in a Single Season (2006)

3. Cavs Swept by the Spurs in The Finals (2007)

4. FBI Raids the Offices of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and Auditor Frank Russo (2008)

5. Browns Finally Trade Braylon Edwards After Leading the League in Dropped Balls (2009)

6. LeBron Leaves Us - The Decision (2010)

7. Jim Tressel Resigns from Ohio State Amidst Bogus NCAA Scandal (2011)

8. Peyton Hillis Makes the Cover of Madden (2012)

9. Cavs Draft Anthony Bennett with #1 Pick (2013)

10. Johnny Football Comes to Cleveland (2014)

11. Buckeyes Win National Championship Behind Cardale Jones After Stomping on Bama in Semis (2015)

12. Warriors Blow 3-1 Lead: Cavs Win NBA Finals (2016)

13. Indians WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWin 22 Games in a Row (2017)

14. Browns Don't Lose Opener, But Don't Win Either...Tie Steelers 21-21 (2018)

15. OBJ Comes to CLE (2019)

16. The Coronavirus Came...And Hung Around for a While...Then Overstayed Its Welcome...And Now is Still Here Even Though It Feels Like It's Already Been 16 Years (2020)

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