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Are You Missing Cleveland's Most Interesting Zoom?

From Zoom meetings and classes to Zoom happy hours and doctor's appointments (and even the occasional scheduling call to plan more Zooms), are you sick of the constant Zooming yet? The endless video-conferencing is draining and, more often than not, incredibly boring.

Luckily, after six months of streaming, we have finally found our favorite Zoom meeting. Easily Cleveland's Most Interesting Zoom, this is a meeting we actually look forward to attending because it is always entertaining and thought-provoking (not to mention it rarely runs longer than an hour, a rarity these days). The meeting is called "Ideas for Tomorrow."

If you are unfamiliar with Ideas for Tomorrow, it is a speaker series hosted periodically by the Cleveland Clinic that is free to the Cleveland community. The format is simple: the Clinic invites some of the world's top thought leaders, CEOs, and performers to be interviewed by the Clinic's CEO, Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, for roughly 45 minutes and then opens the forum for questions from the audience. Past speakers include Warren Buffett, Arianna Huffington, Kevin Love, Katie Couric (video below), and the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (to name just a few of the 70+ on the star-studded list).

In normal times, IFT meets in-person in a massive conference room on the Clinic's campus (which is usually standing room only because of the number of attendees); however, IFT has shifted entirely online during the pandemic. IFT is now available for live-streaming on Zoom and Facebook Live through the Clinic's account.

So, when is the next IFT? Tonight at 5PM with Valerie Jarrett, former senior advisor to President Obama, as the featured speaker. To attend, you can register here or watch on Facebook Live here. After Jarrett this evening, IFT participants will hear from Tim Brown (Chair of IDEO) on September 21, Indra Nooyi (Former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo) on October 29, and Mellody Hobson (President & Co-CEO of Ariel Investments) on December 2. Hope you find it as great as we do!

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