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Best Game Day Wings in Cleveland

We are now only one week from Browns season 2020. And, perhaps more importantly, that also means we are officially only one week from Wing Season 2020.

Since most of us will be watching the Brownies from the couch this year, it has never been more important to know which Cleveland spots make the best wings for takeout. We've got you covered. After eating hundreds of wings and deliberating for days on end, here is the official list of Best Game Day Wings in Cleveland for 2020 -- broken down by part of town and overall (scroll to bottom for the rankings).

Best Wings Downtown: Clevelander Bar & Grill

(834 Huron Rd E, Cleveland, OH 44115)

Best Wings in Ohio City: Saucy Brew Works

(2885 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113)

Best Wings in Old Brooklyn: Dina's Pizza & Pub

(5701 Memphis Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144)

Best Wings in West Park: Public House

(17219 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111)

Best Wings in the Flats: Flat Iron Cafe

(1114 Center St, Cleveland, OH 44113)

Best Wings in East Side Burbs: Lino's

(29804 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH 44092)

Best Wings in West Side Burbs: Mitchell's Tavern

(24282 Center Ridge Rd, Westlake, OH 44145)

Best Wings in Lakewood: Around the Corner

(18616 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107)

Rankings - Best Game Day Wings in Cleveland:

(1) Lino's

-Crispiness: 3/5

-Meatiness: 5/5

-Sauce: 5/5

-Overall: 13/15 (We weren't expecting Lino's to top our list, but these wings really came out swinging. The sauce was the best sauce we had and they gave you plenty of it. Tons of meat. Not super crispy, but easily still #1 in the Land.)

(2) Flat Iron Cafe

-Crispiness: 2.5/5

-Meatiness: 5/5

-Sauce: 4.5/5

-Overall: 12/15 (Flat Iron is an absolute Cleveland classic. These wings were, by far, the meatiest we tried. Major points there. And the sauce gave Lino's a run for its money. A little more crisp and you would have Cleveland's best.)

(3) Around the Corner

-Crispiness: 5/5

-Meatiness: 3/5

-Sauce: 3.5/5

-Overall: 11.5/15 (ATC makes some mean wings. They know how to knock the crisp factor out of the park, yet still provide a pretty saucy wing.)

(4) Dina's Pizza & Pub

-Crispiness: 4/5

-Meatiness: 4/5

-Sauce: 3/5

-Overall: 11/15 (We knew Dina's was going to be a heavy hitter when their parking lot was packed and their drive-thru window looked like a Cedar Point line. Although their sauce was a little funky, Dina's wings are the closest thing we found to a trifecta--i.e. top scores on all three factors.)

(5) Public House

-Crispiness: 5/5

-Meatiness: 3/5

-Sauce: 2.5/5

-Overall: 10.5/15 (There is a reason all of Cleveland's cops and firefighters live in West Park: Public House's wings. These things are as crispy as you'll find and score a lot of points on the meatiness factor. Only ding is they sometimes come up a little dry. If you haven't tried their Wing Night--boldly on Saturdays and Sundays--you're missing out.)

(6) Mitchell's Tavern

-Crispiness: 5/5

-Meatiness: 3/5

-Sauce: 2/5

-Overall: 10/15 (Like ATC and Public House, Mitchell's nails the crisp factor. Great meat, too. Like Public House, their only downfall is they never give you enough sauce. They taste a bit dry, but still the best wings you will find in the West Side burbs.)

(7) Saucy Brew Works

-Crispiness: 2/5

-Meatiness: 3/5

-Sauce: 3.5/5

-Overall: 8.5/15 (When not busy making some of Cleveland's best beers, Saucy is not afraid to duke it out in the wing game. These wings are not the crispiest, but have plenty of sauce and enough meat to fill you up.)

(8) Clevelander Bar & Grill

-Crispiness: 2.5/5

-Meatiness: 2.5/5

-Sauce: 3/5

-Overall: 8/15 (Whether you live downtown or are just strolling past on the way out of the Muni Lot, you need to make a pit-stop at Clevelander. These wings are delicious and give you plenty of sauce and meat. The meat can sometimes be tough to pull off the bone, but still Downtown's best.)

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