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Cleveland's 10 Most Republican and Democratic Suburbs

Election 2020 is finally here. And, as always, Ohio is a must-win state for both President Trump and Vice President Biden. Highlighting its importance, Biden is spending his final day on the trail visiting our beautiful city to make his pitch to Clevelanders.

Although the Cleveland-area leans heavily Democratic, Cuyahoga County as a whole is polarized. Some suburbs reliably vote Democrat, others consistently cast Republican ballots. We analyzed data from the Cuyahoga County Board of Election's website to find out which suburbs receive the crown as "Most Republican" and "Most Democratic." Based on an average of each party's vote in the past two elections (the 2018 governor's race and the 2016 presidential race), here are Cleveland's most Republican and Democratic suburbs.

Most Republican Suburbs

10. Broadview Heights

-Location: South side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 52.5% voted for Mike DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 53.5% voted for Donald Trump (R).

9. Bentleyville

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 58.3% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 48.7% voted for Trump (R).

8. Gates Mills

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 57.3% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 50.4% voted for Trump (R).

7. Chagrin Falls Township

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 57.3% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 51.3% voted for Trump (R).

6. Hunting Valley

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 59.6% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 52.0% voted for Trump (R).

5. North Royalton

-Location: South side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 55.1% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 56.7% voted for Trump (R).

4. Walton Hills

-Location: Southeast side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 55.7% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 57.6% voted for Trump (R).

3. Independence

-Location: South side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 57.9% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 59.2% voted for Trump (R).

2. Valley View

-Location: South side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 56.4% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 62.1% voted for Trump (R).

1. Cuyahoga Heights

-Location: South side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 60.2% voted for DeWine (R).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 60.7% voted for Trump (R).

Most Democratic Suburbs

10. Oakwood

-Location: Southeast side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 82.8% voted for Rich Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 82.1% voted for Hillary Clinton (D).

9. Shaker Heights

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 83.8% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 83.9% voted for Clinton (D).

8. Cleveland Heights

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 84.6% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 83.9% voted for Clinton (D).

7. Woodmere

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 87.1% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 82.6% voted for Clinton (D).

6. Maple Heights

-Location: Southeast side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 85.6% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 85.0% voted for Clinton (D).

5. North Randall

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 84.4% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 87.2% voted for Clinton (D).

4. Bedford Heights

-Location: Southeast side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 88.1% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 89.3% voted for Clinton (D).

3. East Cleveland

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 91.7% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 94.7% voted for Clinton (D).

2. Highland Hills

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 91.7% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 95.5% voted for Clinton (D).

1. Warrensville Heights

-Location: East side.

-2018 Election (Gubernatorial): 94.2% voted for Cordray (D).

-2016 Election (Presidential): 95.0% voted for Clinton (D).

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