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Ranking All 18 of Cedar Point's Coasters

There are only two weekends left in Cedar Point's 150th anniversary season out in Sandusky and, despite COVID-19, thousands of coaster fans are braving the cold to enjoy America's best amusement park before it closes for the winter. We took a quick visit to the park recently to support this hometown icon as it battles crippling pandemic-related restrictions. The good news is that when Cedar Point returns to normal someday soon, its menu of roller coasters—eighteen in total—is better than ever before. Here are our rankings:

18. Wilderness Run

Built in 1979, Wilderness Run—formerly known as the Junior Gemini to CP veterans—is a kids ride in Camp Snoopy with a 19 foot hill and a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour. Almost every coaster pro who grew up in Ohio began their riding career on this ride back in the day.

17. Corkscrew

The Corkscrew, nearing its 45th year in operation, is a Cedar Point legend. Back when it was built in 1976, Corkscrew was the first coaster in the world with three inversions. Nowadays, though, it's probably more legendary for its photogenic "corkscrews" over the walking path than for its thrills because it rides a bit bumpy and its height (85 feet) and speed (48 mph) pale in comparison to other legends on this list.

16. Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon is a suspended coaster that reaches a height of 76 feet and dives riders 40 miles per hour through a wooded, watery terrain with occasional smoke screens. A fun appetizer to warm riders up for the big leagues later in the day.

15. Woodstock Express

So you're young and you've mastered the Wilderness Run? Time for Woodstock Express. While this coaster is only 38 feet tall and reaches speeds of 25 miles per hour, it's a thrilling way to graduate from the little leagues.

14. Pipe Scream

Pipe Scream, new in 2014, is really a hybrid between a ride and a coaster as it spins riders while moving back and forth on a short, wavy track. A lot of fun for both kids and adults, but not what you travel across the country to ride.

13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

There is something about Cedar Creek Mine Ride that's just cool. While not the fastest (40 mph) nor the tallest (48 feet) coaster in the park, the Mine Ride is great for its Wild West vibes and Frontier Town scenery.

12. Gemini

If you're a competitive person, then Gemini is definitely for you. This wooden coaster, built in 1978, features two trains—red and blue—that race for over two minutes and reach speeds of 60 miles per hour. With a 125 foot hill and short waiting lines, Gemini is an all-time classic that you need to ride.

11. Wicked Twister

Want to launch fast but not ready for the Dragster? Wicked Twister is the warmup you need. After shooting off at 72 miles per hour, riders twist up over 200 feet before dropping backwards, just as fast, and twisting in reverse up the other tower. Wait times are always super quick. Probably the best wait/thrill ratio in the entire park.

10. Blue Streak

Never overlook the OG. Although the Blue Streak is old (built in 1964) and isn't very tall (only 78 feet), this coaster put Cedar Point on the map for a reason. With nearly two minutes of ups-and-downs that maximize the sinking feeling in your stomach, we have finally reached can't miss territory. If you go to Cedar Point without Blue Streakin', you're doing something wrong.

9. Rougarou

Also known as a cooler-looking and smoother Mantis (R.I.P. those brutal headaches that the Mantis delivered), Rougarou is one of the longest coasters in the park. It is floorless and, after climbing 145 feet, immediately throws riders into a massive loop at 60 miles per hour.

8. Raptor

Raptor in many ways resembles Rougarou. It's about the same height (137 feet) and speed (57 mph), loops like crazy, and has a floorless feeling. But, its six inversions (Rougarou only has four) gives it the edge for the #8 spot.

7. GateKeeper

If you like Rougarou and Raptor, just imagine those rides on steroids. That's what you get with GateKeeper. It's a "wing coaster" that takes riders up 170 feet, flips them 180 degrees, then drops them at a speed of 67 miles per hour before inverting them five more times. To date, this is the closest we've ever come to flying.

6. Magnum XL-200

Another absolute classic. While the Blue Streak may have put Cedar Point on the map, the Magnum planted Cedar Point's flag on the map and declared that Sandusky, Ohio was going to be the amusement capital of the world for decades to come. Built in 1989, the Magnum was the first coaster in the world to ever break 200 feet tall. Today, its iconic red hill and its nearly three minutes worth of blazing fast speeds make it another can't miss.

5. Valravn

Okay, we're officially in Top 5 territory now. The big leagues. Only top-tier thrills make it to this point, and that is why Valravn is #5. Valravn is one of the newest coasters in the park, built in 2016, and it will keep you screaming the entire time. It starts with a 223 foot hill, a slow turn at the top, then a brutally long pause that dangles terrified riders before releasing them for twists, turns, and inversions at 75 mph. Similar to the GateKeeper/Raptor/Rougarou, but just another level.

4. Top Thrill Dragster

Easily the most badass ride in the park (probably the world). 120 miles per hour, up and down 420 feet, all in 17 seconds. Every single rider is absolutely terrified before the launch as hundreds of fans watch from stadium seating. Nothing like it. Only downsides are that the Dragster is often closed, usually due to wind and/or mechanical problems, and when it isn't, the line/ride-length ratio is not great.

3. Maverick

Only 105 feet tall? Can't be THAT great, right? Wrong! The Maverick, located in Frontier Town, takes the "wild" in Wild West to another level. At no point in your 2 minute and 30 second ride do you have time to catch a breath. Instead of a traditional chain link, Maverick launches riders right up the hill before shooting them, at a 95 degree angle, all over the Lake Erie shoreline at 70 miles per hour. Every single second of this ride is fun. Truly a can't miss coaster.

2. Steel Vengeance

Cedar Point's newest coaster (opened in 2018 as a replacement to the Mean Streak) is the park's biggest homerun since the GOAT (below). Steel Vengeance is misleading. When you hear its name, you expect a wild steel coaster on par with the Maverick or GateKeeper. Instead, you find a massive wooden coaster. Because it was built on the Mean Streak's frame, you might expect a traditional wooden feel, almost like the Gemini. Instead, you get four inversions, a 90 degree drop, and nearly 75 mph of speed. Steel Vengeance is simply a bigger and better Maverick (which we already thought was unbeatable).

1. Millennium Force

The Millennium is the Michael Jordan of roller coasters. The best of all time. Sure, every once in a while a young gun like LeBron (Steel Vengeance) comes along and puts up an incredible fight, but the numbers don't lie. From 2001 to 2015, Millennium Force was awarded the Best Steeler Coaster in the World ELEVEN TIMES by the Golden Ticket Awards. It drops riders a whopping 310 feet at 93 miles per hour. Nothing like it in the world.

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