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The Royal Court of Cleveland TikTok

If you are not yet on the TikTok bandwagon, it's time to hop on board. Whether you like watching Cavs highlights, sharing in your depression with fellow Browns fans about the team's most recent meltdown, or just seeing people do incredibly stupid (but often funny) stuff, TikTok has it all. Even better, Cleveland is quickly becoming a hotbed of TikTok talent. After perusing the app for way too long, we discovered several Cleveland natives creating great content. Thus, we are proud to introduce you to the royal court of Cleveland's TikTok scene. Go give 'em a follow.

King - Sir Yacht (@siryacht)

-Known For: All things Ohio and Cleveland with a touch of sports (often filmed while sitting in his car)

-Followers: 197,600+

-Likes: 7.0 million

-Why He is the King: Tons of likes and followers, constantly repping the CLE, and has great bits on Cleveland culture (like its suburbs and high schools)

-Best Videos: Cleveland High School Stereotypes (part 1 below); Every Country Music Song Ever; Midwest Slang Translation

Queen - DarlaEliza (@darlaeliza)

-Known For: Daily thoughts and hanging out with her boyfriend

-Followers: 175,300+

-Likes: 5.0 million

-Why She is the Queen: Tons of followers and likes, already calls herself "the princess of Ohio" so we'll give her the top seat in Cleveland

-Best Videos: Trying to Kiss My Boyfriend (below); Wipe It Down; 4'11 vs. 6'7

Jester - Matt Shaver (@mattlikestolaugh)

-Known For: Daily comedy bits and reading creepy comments on Instagram models' pages

-Followers: 46,400+

-Likes: 1.9 million

-Why He is the Jester: Keeps the crowd laughing with entertaining content

-Best Videos: It's Just the Shoes (below); 4th Grader Miss Susie Game; Reading Hannah Palmer's Instagram Comments

Crown Princess - izzy (@_iz_biz_)

-Known For: Commiserating about the Browns

-Followers: 25,500+

-Likes: 265,800

-Why She is the Grand Princess: Large amount of followers, has a great future ahead with COVID-era Browns season, could be Queen someday

-Best Videos: Browns Fans Admiring Wins (below); When the Browns Lose; How to Fix Your Browns Jersey

Butler - Kevin Widmer (@widkev)

-Known For: Living the bachelor-pad lifestyle during the quarantine and singing

-Followers: 12,900+

-Likes: 139,600

-Why He is the Butler: Often seen cleaning with Windex in his videos

-Best Videos: First Big Date Since Quarantine (below); Full House - Living Alone; This Song Just Hits Differently in 2020

Duchess - Julie Mulholland (@notsocooljules)

-Known For: Nonstop Browns and Cavs content with voice overs

-Followers: 6,500+

-Likes: 111,900

-Why She is the Duchess: Up-and-coming with pretty funny content, but not likely to become Queen (b/c she is a Cincinnati Reds fan)

-Best Videos: Begging the Browns for Free Tickets (below); Me Talking Crap As a Browns Fan; So Then You Like the Indians, Right?

Knight - Zach Wright (@zachdubs)

-Known For: All things gaming

-Followers: 394,400+

-Likes: 8.4 million

-Why He is the Knight: Always ready for battle in his videos and knows (gaming) military strategy better than anyone

-Best Videos: Gaming With Dad in 2040 (below); Growing Up in 2020; Gaming Terms

Exiled King - Jake Paul

-Known For: Doing crazy shit often with crazy nice cars

-Followers: 11.5 million

-Likes: 171.9 million

-Why He is the Exiled King: Produces a ton of content and has a ton of followers, BUT left Cleveland for second-tier California

-Best Videos: Quarantine Jet Ski (below); World's Fastest Drive Thru; Red Solo Cup Pyramid

Exiled Prince - Logan Paul

-Known For: Doing rich people things and hanging out with @JakePaul

-Followers: 10.8 million

-Likes: 132.6 million

-Why He is the Exiled Prince: Produces way less content than his brother, but also fled Cleveland for a mediocre city far, far away

-Best Videos: Pick On Someone Your Own Size (below); Leveled Up; Question Game

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